Mindfulness for Communities of Color

A Safe Space to Learn and Practice Mindfulness

We at Mastermind are committed to making mindfulness practices accessible to all persons. The CDC shows that access to mindfulness and meditation isn't equal: white adults are more likely to use meditation compared with Hispanic and African-American adults.

Our virtual mindfulness sessions for people of color aim to offer a safe space to learn and practice mindfulness as well as a space for our teachers of color to share and build community.

In our curated sessions, Mastermind-trained teachers will engage attendees in brain health learning, interactive discussion, and mindfulness practices designed to reduce stress and foster connection & community.

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“In diversity there is beauty and there is strength.”

-Maya Angelou

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"A lot of my friends of color asked me why I do 'that Buddha stuff' [referring to mindfulness]. It's important to me to share these practices with them from a scientific, secular perspective. Meditating has changed my life and I'm passionate about sharing it, especially with communities of color." 

- Shani Brown, RDH, MBA, SLPA
Mastermind Communities of Color Facilitator


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