$397.00 USD

Intro to Neuroscience-Based Stress Management

Your brain is your most precious asset – invest in its health and watch as your entire life transforms.

Join us on a transformative journey designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools to enhance your brain health and conquer stress. In this comprehensive program, we will explore learning and practices to strengthen the six essential pillars of brain health – Stress Management, Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, Social Connection, and Mental Fitness – in order to guide you toward a balanced and resilient state of being.

What's included:

  • Six live expert-led sessions, including modules on Stress Management, Sleep, Nutrition, Movement, Social Connection, and Mental Fitness
  • Accompanying stress management practices for each module to support your wellness journey 24/7
  • Evidence-based pre- and post-assessments to measure your progress 
  • A personalized Certificate of Completion recognizing you as having taken Intro to Neuroscience-Based Stress Management
  • Lifetime access to course content, including expert-led live session recordings and guided meditations