Free meditation classes for Communities of Color starting Thursday, September 16

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Mastermind's weekly mindset series for our firm has provided our lawyers and staff with an opportunity to experience the health benefits of meditation, including stress reduction and mental resilience. Personally, it's a time in the week that I look forward to, as I always leave class feeling energized and focused.

Apryl Mathes's Headshot

Apryl Mathes

Director of Associate Development, Haynes and Boone, LLP

I can’t thank you enough or your mindfulness session with American Airlines ... Being able to host this virtually with team members across the enterprise was a gift. The more focus we can give our wellbeing the better we are for family and our community.

Amani L. Council's Headshot

Amani L. Council

American Airlines

I worked with Mastermind to facilitate an important brainstorming meeting with my team and boss. Dorsey was perfect!  She crafted a custom visualization exercise specific to our needs.  The meditation session set my coworkers at ease and allowed us to visualize and communicate the environment we desire for our residents.

Tony Desler's Headshot

Tony Desler

VP of Plant Operations, Southwest Long Term Care

I practice mindfulness with Mastermind to learn new ways to relax and be present, and to become more curious and creative.

Laura Gordon's Headshot

Laura Gordon

Former Vice President, Marketing & Brand Innovation, 7-Eleven

I love practicing mindfulness with Mastermind because it helps me feel relaxed, refreshed and refueled. Regular mindfulness practice makes me a better person and helps me show up more fully personally and professionally.

Shawn Williams's Headshot

Shawn Williams

Vice President & Director of Social Justice Practice, Allyn Media

Mastermind's teachers are professional, well-trained and passionate about helping all of us live happier, healthier lives.

Lisa Baron Blue's Headshot

Lisa Baron Blue

Founder, Baron and Blue

Thanks, Veleisa, for your powerful teaching last night. Your facilitation of mindful meditation was transformative for me.

Alison Rison's Headshot

Alison Rison

Director of Literacy, Terrell ISD

If you've been curious about mindfulness and meditation or want to deepen your practice, I highly recommend Mastermind’s classes as approachable, informative ways to learn, practice, and implement mindfulness in daily life.

Kara Geiger's Headshot

Kara Geiger

Senior Business Development Associate, GLG

Thursday night was a homerun! AWE members thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and were talking about it the next day.  Thank you so much for sharing your time and knowledge.

Jeannette Siegel's Headshot

Jeannette Siegel

Association of Women Executives

Mastermind Meditate is a program that will enhance not only your practice, but your life! Dorsey Standish and the Mastermind team of wellness coaches share science-based mindfulness & emotional intelligence that will most definitely improve your mental wellness and overall health.

Cathy Vega's Headshot

Cathy Vega

Senior Administrative Specialist, UT Southwestern Medical Center

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