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Nearly 8 out of 10 employees regularly experience physical symptoms of stress, and more than 75% cited money and work as the leading cause of their stress. Today’s top corporations - like Google, Microsoft, Accenture – want to be a part of the solution, not the problem. Pioneers in corporate wellness, they understand that wellness begins with the mind.

Mastermind delivers science-based mindfulness and emotional intelligence strategies backed by science. Our work makes mindfulness and emotional intelligence learning accessible with guided, brain health-based practices designed to improve awareness and strengthen community and connection. Research shows practicing mindfulness and growing emotional intelligence can improve overall health, reduce stress & anxiety, improve cognition, increase focus, reduce age & racial biases and improve relationships.

Custom offerings of Mastermind are based in the work of top researchers like Daniel Goleman, Rick Hanson, Jon Kabat-Zinn and Marc Brackett, and nurture healthy habits of empathy, compassion, and resilience through mindfulness and greater self-awareness which promote well-being, greater connection and motivation. Find out more about our most requested offerings below.

Corporate Wellness Services

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Wellness Assessment

A comprehensive review and report on the current state of your workplace wellness. This assessment may include quantitative and qualitative data to understand strengths and weaknesses of your current wellness culture, along with strategies for strengthening your workplace wellness.

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Mindfulness & EI Class Packages

Weekly or monthly workplace mindfulness and emotional intelligence classes that provide brief introductions to neuroscience and research-based learning along with a strong emphasis on experiential mindset practices. These classes are a great way to promote wellness and a healthier work environment.

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Mindfulness & EI Seminars / Speaker Sessions

Customized presentations that may be topic-specific, and based on the most recent and relevant research. These one-class events include applied learning and practical tips for applying new mindfulness and EI strategies to daily life.

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Mindfulness & EI Training Series

A series of speaker sessions in mindfulness and EI based on the most timely and relevant research. These trainings feature neuroscience learning, experiential learning, and a toolbox all designed to build and reinforce healthy strategies over the course of the series.

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Corporate Digital Library

Give your workplace access to a robust library of on-demand mindfulness and EI-based classes and practices that are available 24/7 to support their wellness in all aspects of their life. Library is updated on a regular basis with new mental wellness topics and practices.

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Join hundreds of companies of all shapes, sizes and industries that work with Mastermind for mental wellness solutions.

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Bring research-driven mindfulness and emotional intelligence to your team.
Contact us today to find out how you can create a happier, healthier work environment.

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Trusted by companies & leaders around the globe.

I can’t thank you enough for Mastermind's mindfulness session with American Airlines ... Being able to host this virtually with team members across the enterprise was a gift. The more focus we can give our wellbeing the better we are for family and our community.

Amani L. Council's Headshot

Amani L. Council

American Airlines

Mastermind's weekly mindset series for our firm has provided our lawyers and staff with an opportunity to experience the health benefits of meditation, including stress reduction and mental resilience. Personally, it's a time in the week that I look forward to, as I always leave class feeling energized and focused.

Apryl Mathes's Headshot

Apryl Mathes

Director of Associate Development, Haynes and Boone, LLP

Sending a massive THANK YOU for Mastermind's wonderful contribution to our inaugural Camelot reCharge event.  Our team loved what you shared – both the neuroscience behind mindfulness and the experiential practice you led for us.  You got rave reviews and the team is super excited for our upcoming sessions with Mastermind. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Alex Richter's Headshot

Alex Richter

Chief Marketing Officer & EVP, Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media

Our Mindfulness & Team Building Session with Mastermind was exactly what the Beyond Interior Design team needed. We enjoyed guided meditation, mindful communication exercises, and brain health learning, and we are all implementing what we learned into our personal and professional lives. I’ve already seen multiple people practicing the box breathing method at work! Our facilitator had such a calm and compassionate demeanor which made it easy for the team to be interactive in sharing their thoughts and experiences. Since the first session went so well, we are planning quarterly sessions with Mastermind and are so excited to soak up more knowledge and wisdom!

Becca Raabe's Headshot

Becca Raabe

Human Resources Manager, Beyond Interior Design

Thank you for delivering such a wonderful presentation today.  The mindfulness sessions were so relaxing – even in an office environment!  The participants really enjoyed the hour and were provided a number of useful tips, including the resources you provided.

Lori Harmon's Headshot

Lori Harmon

Facility Services Leader, Celanese

Our mindfulness session with Mastermind was a home run! The Association of Women Executives thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and were talking about it the next day.  Thank you so much for sharing your time and knowledge.

Jeannette Siegel's Headshot

Jeannette Siegel

Association of Women Executives

Ladies in Commercial Real Estate hired Mastermind for their "Transform Your Mind" event. Dorsey facilitated our session and was able to quickly connect and relate to the group. She brings such a great energy to the room! The other attendees and I were able to share our experiences, laughter, and questions, and we ended the event with a relaxing meditation. I would highly recommend working with Mastermind for any of your future events!

Marissa Rosales's Headshot

Marissa Rosales

Senior Associate, The Brokerage Advisors

I love attending Allyn Media's weekly mindfulness sessions with Mastermind because they help me feel relaxed, refreshed and refueled. Regular mindfulness practice makes me a better person and helps me show up more fully personally and professionally.

Shawn Williams's Headshot

Shawn Williams

Vice President & Director of Social Justice Practice, Allyn Media

Mastermind's teachers are professional, well-trained and passionate about helping all of us live happier, healthier lives.

Lisa Baron Blue's Headshot

Lisa Baron Blue

Founder, Baron and Blue

I worked with Mastermind to facilitate an important brainstorming meeting with my team and boss. Dorsey was perfect!  She crafted a custom visualization exercise specific to our needs.  The meditation session set my coworkers at ease and allowed us to visualize and communicate the environment we desire for our residents.

Tony Desler's Headshot

Tony Desler

VP of Plant Operations, Southwest Longterm Care

Meditating with the Mastermind team is always something I look forward to, benefit from, and learn from. What a great way to get set for the week!

Jill Bernstein's Headshot

Jill Bernstein

Director of Communications, Dallas Museum of Art

We sincerely enjoyed your effective communication training and have received nothing but high praise from the team! Looking forward to scheduling future sessions with Mastermind.

Karen Crites's Headshot

Karen Crites

Director of Human Resources, Clampitt Paper Company

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Bring research-driven mindfulness and emotional intelligence to your team.
Contact us today to find out how you can create a happier, healthier work environment.

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