Your journey begins here to lead mindfulness programs for employees and clients plus deepen your personal practice in Mastermind’s Mindfulness Facilitator Certification

Mindfulness Facilitator Certification

Deepen your practice. Hone your unique voice. Share mindfulness with your audience.

Are you a coach, speaker, trainer, therapist, corporate or community leader
who wants to own your presence while holding space for others?

Do you want to deepen your personal mindfulness practice so you can more fully experience its benefits?

Do you want to share the gift of mindfulness with the teams or clients you work with, the audiences you speak to, or your family and friends?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, you could be the perfect fit for Mastermind’s Mindfulness Facilitator Certification.

Introducing Certification

Mastermind’s Mindfulness Facilitator Certification supports you to cultivate your authentic voice as a teacher and speaker while developing specific offerings for your audience with one-on-one expert support.


Through the program’s neuroscience-based training and mentorship sessions, you’ll discover how to create mindfulness programs that are unique to you and your audience to make a positive and immediate impact that grows your business and/or leadership. You’ll also deepen your personal practice so you can more fully share yourself and your mindfulness experiences with clients, teams, and audiences.


This experience is designed for self-starters who are ready to go on a learning journey and have time and space to integrate these practices into their lives with the benefit of structure and one-on-one guidance.


Through completing Mastermind’s Mindfulness Facilitator Certification, you become a beacon of presence, curiosity, and kindness in the world.

Why get certified?

Mastermind’s Mindfulness Facilitator Certification takes you on a journey to deepen your own practice and build foundational skills so you can share mindfulness with others.

We’ll explore how to lean into the uncomfortable feelings that arise during facilitation so you can own your power, whether you’re working one-on-one or in a group.

When you complete Certification, you’ll be equipped to share the gift of mindfulness with the world.

Most importantly, you will connect more deeply with the true essence of yourself. Because the only goal of mindfulness is to become more of who we truly are.

Who should get certified?

Mastermind’s Mindfulness Facilitator Certification is designed for a range of audiences, including but not limited to organizational leaders, HR practitioners, trainers, team leads, coaches, and wellness professionals.

Maybe you are looking for a new direction and purpose for your work.

Or you are committed to your mindfulness practice and long to share your passion with others.

Certification is for anyone who wants to use mindfulness with their employees, teams, clients, or students—and knows that they would benefit from the structure of an on-demand program with robust one-on-one support.

During Certification, you’ll build your inner reservoir of resilience and well-being—so you can support others to do the same.

Praise for Mastermind's Mindfulness Facilitator Certification

The Mastermind Facilitator Certification truly prepared me to craft and facilitate enriching mindfulness classes. Between the fascinating content, kind support from my classmates, and the excellent teaching of Dorsey, Dr. Adrianne, and Dr. Marty, I was able to immediately launch a mindfulness program in my workplace. The combination of neuroscience and mindfulness was so well received by the participants. The best part, though, was having the confidence to create a caring space for my colleagues to learn and grow. 

Michele Studer's Headshot

Michele Studer

Knowledge Creation Specialist, Fujitsu

Completing the Mindfulness Certification program with Mastermind was one of the best decisions in my life.

We finished the program just as the pandemic shut down most of public life, and the practices we learned helped me not only keep my own peace but inspired me to go forth to share mindfulness with others. Since finishing, I’ve worked with several groups and led meditation for people around the world.

Veleisa Patton Burrell's Headshot

Veleisa Patton Burrell

Founder and CEO, Narrative Evolution Communications

I am extremely proud to showcase my 60-hour Science-based Mindfulness Certification. Thank you to Mastermind Meditate for providing quality training and support. It was no easy endeavor and required commitment, vulnerability and tremendous heart. But it was one for the most impactful journeys I have ever completed. I hope to share my gifts as who I am is ever becoming and shapeshifting. Thank you to Dorsey and the facilitation team, who leads with trained neuroscience, grace and impeccable professionalism.

Dr. Jennifer Fuller's Headshot

Dr. Jennifer Fuller

Director of Restorative Practices, Uplift Education

I have such a large amount of gratitude for this program! I feel very connected to the work, the people and the process. I was a bit hesitant at first due to the time commitment and was not sure I would be able to make it work with my little ones and the amount my husband travels for work. Luckily, I was able to recruit some family members to watch the girls when I have class. I am so happy that I did. The community is the greatest and just so supportive. I look forward to implementing these practices into my work moving forward.

Alex Stark, LMHC, LPCC, NCC's Headshot

Alex Stark, LMHC, LPCC, NCC

Owner and Psychotherapist, Stark Therapeutic

Taking this course was truly one of the best choices I have ever made in my life. Thank you for the treasure trove of skills, tools, and ideas regarding how to deepen my own practice and how to offer meditations to my students and fellow teachers at work. Please know how profoundly you have impacted my life, and how by extension, you have impacted the life of my family.

Antonia Moran's Headshot

Antonia Moran

English Teacher, Episcopal School of Dallas

I never would have believed I could have gotten so much out of a virtual course. What I am most proud of, is the joy I have found in mindfulness.  Being mindful has made the biggest difference in my well-being, and in “just being”.  It is as if I have found another sensory mode that is deeper, wider, and more evolved. I don’t worry; I either accept things as they are, or I do something about it.

Carole Gray's Headshot

Carole Gray

Licensed Professional Counselor

The certification course exceeded my expectations. It was so well-organized, and the like-minded community was very refreshing. Having mindfulness in my life is the best thing ever and I can’t wait to share it with others.

Jill Davenport, MD's Headshot

Jill Davenport, MD

Doctor of Internal Medicine

I thoroughly enjoyed the Mastermind Mindfulness Certification and feel enriched and centered, more than I have in a long time. The program prepared me to create and lead engaging science-based mindfulness classes for my colleagues at AT&T. I love being part of the Graduate Community as I continue deepening my practice as a student and teacher of mindfulness.

Ann Marie Rogers's Headshot

Ann Marie Rogers

Director of Partner Management & Strategy, AT&T

I am truly grateful for the Mastermind Mindfulness Certification Program. As I reflect on our very first session together, I remember how good it felt to be surrounded by like-minded individuals – the energy was palpable!

The strengths of the program included the teaching staff, the commitment to personal practice, and the hands-on learning of facilitation skills. Because of this training, I have discovered within myself a newfound optimism, excitement, and a spark!

Adrianne Bagley, M.D.'s Headshot

Adrianne Bagley, M.D.

Retired Pediatrician & Mindfulness Facilitator

Learning to meditate has been a turning point in my life that reawakened my brain and my heart.

After teaching English and writing classes for twenty-two years in higher education, I am humbled to realize I am now gathering the tools to help my friends, neighbors, and colleagues cope with and come to understand life as it is presenting itself to us in this moment.

I recommend that those with the desire to help themselves and others in this world consider the training Mastermind offers.

Lisa Coleman, PhD's Headshot

Lisa Coleman, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Southeastern Oklahoma State University

I want to express my sincere gratitude for this program. From Day One I enjoyed every moment and really looked forward to weekends of learning and fun.

This program has really helped me in so many ways, being dedicated to my practice as well as blessing others who do not know about mindfulness.

Jertonya Feemster's Headshot

Jertonya Feemster

Regional Vice President, Capital One

The course really built upon itself. Like a great recipe, everything added together to make an exceptional experience for me. Highlights have been the curriculum and teachers, the many meditation exercises, the small groups plus the reading material. The rewards of practice and teaching are beyond anything I was anticipating. I am shocked at how impactful making mindfulness a daily practice has been. It’s something I look forward to everyday.

Michelle Akers's Headshot

Michelle Akers

Healthcare Consultant

I was nervous to sign up for the certification program, but I decided to go for it. Since day one of our training, I knew I made the right choice.

I truly believe this is because of the space that was created by Dorsey and Marty to help us grow. This training gave me the tools I needed to connect with myself better than ever have before and to understand how to share my teachings with others. I am forever grateful for this practice and look forward to sharing mindfulness with my community.

Alexis Ray's Headshot

Alexis Ray

Certified Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher

Who would have ever thought a journey with mindfulness could take you almost anywhere while guiding you to live in the present moment? The Mastermind team did an outstanding job moderating from a virtual platform. Their presence made everyone feel safe and comfortable, as they were genuine, inviting, pleasant, and their passion for mindfulness was infectious. The Mastermind Mindfulness Certification program has equipped me with what I need to begin facilitating, and I look forward to sharing with colleagues, healthcare professionals and the community.

Shani Brown's Headshot

Shani Brown

Dental Hygienist, Speech Therapist, Autism Specialist & College Professor


What's Included

  • One-on-One Mentorship Sessions 
    This includes an initial 30-minute course alignment meeting, as well as five 45-minute mentorship sessions throughout the training directly with Mastermind CEO Dorsey Standish, MS.

  • One-on-One Mentorship Access
    Participants can communicate with Dorsey via email between one-on-one sessions. Participants can also send Dorsey recordings of their meditations so she can give them feedback during their time together.

  • Ready-to-Use Mastermind Curricula
    Certification includes curricula that participants can customize to match their voices and preferences and teach with minimal prep work.

  • Lifetime Training Access via Desktop & Mobile App
    Certification now includes a Mastermind app. In addition to the Certification training modules, Certification includes lifetime access to the Mastermind Membership library—with 175+ meditations and more—via the new desktop and mobile app.

Certification Modules & Timeline

The Certification training experience incorporates direct one-on-one coaching and support with Dorsey Standish plus comprehensive learning modules with videos and a 135-page digital workbook. The online modules, listed below, are self-paced and on-demand.

  • Onboarding: Welcome & What To Expect

  • Start Here: Build Your Personal Practice—includes signature mindfulness for brain health course

  • Module 1: Exploring Mindfulness & Neuroscience—intro to neuroscience, choosing the right anchor for your mindfulness practice, qigong, and more

  • Module 2: Going Deeper—meditation without guidance, four neural networks impacted by meditation, and mindfulness practices including compassion/loving kindness

  • Module 3: From Practicing to Facilitating—a silent retreat, additional mindfulness practices, and the beginning of facilitation coaching
  • Module 4: Growing Your Facilitation Skills—includes curricula, neuroscience learning, advice for how to look for research, and an invitation to practice guiding meditations
  • Module 5: Mastering Facilitation—trauma-sensitive teaching, present moment inquiry, teaching virtually, and more
  • Final Submissions for Certification: 3+-month personal mindfulness practice log and community teaching log



The Mastermind Mindfulness Facilitator Certification may be completed in 4-6 months (3-5 weeks per module) depending on your schedule and preferred pace.


Your Investment:

Single Payment


Save $575

Payment Plan


Over Six Months


Your Next Steps:

Apply now and receive a link to book a one-on-one consultation to explore program fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much mindfulness experience is required to participate?

We ask that you have been familiar with mindfulness and mindful practices for at least a year. While this is an advanced training with considerable neuroscience content, a mix of people with varied experience levels have taken the course: some people who have meditated for years, and others who are establishing a regular mindfulness practice. You will be working naturally with where you are in your practice. One requirement of the certification is a daily practice journal, so even if you don’t start with a daily personal practice you will leave with one!


What is the format of the training?

Mastermind's Mindfulness Facilitator Certification course is fully online, including five on-demand modules paired with five one-on-one virtual coaching sessions with Mastermind CEO and certification leader Dorsey Standish, MS. Other key components of the course include a daily personal practice requirement and community class teaching hours.


Who should apply for the certification?

Anyone who wants to deepen their mindfulness practice, gain mental wellness tools for a lifetime, and position themselves to make a positive impact on their communities. Past participants include coaches, trainers, HR professionals, team leaders, wellness professionals, therapists, educators, PhD students, and consultants.


What is the application deadline?

Applications are rolling and accepted at any time. 


What do you look for in potential participants?

The first thing we look for is the person’s established or growing mindfulness meditation practice. Personal practice is such an important part of being a mindfulness teacher. The other main thing we look for is kindness and an openness to learn and grow and make a difference in their community.


What is the time commitment required for the course?

Please be prepared to commit about 5 hours per week to course learning and practice for the duration of the program, which is typically completed in four to six months (about 3-5 weeks per module). 


Are payment plans available?

We offer flexible payment plans to make the program as accessible as possible, including an option to spread tuition over six months. 


Are tuition scholarships available?

A limited number of partial scholarships are available. These scholarships are reserved for veterans, first responders, employees of nonprofit organizations, and others who show financial need. Scholarship recipients will pay a reduced enrollment fee.


How do I apply for a scholarship, and when will I be notified?

You can apply for a tuition scholarship by sending an additional paragraph to [email protected] sharing your need/desire to receive a scholarship along with your completed application. Scholarship candidates may be asked to provide proof of financial need such as W-2 statement or tax returns.

Please apply for the scholarship when you submit your application. We will let you know as soon as possible whether you will be awarded financial assistance, likely during your interview following your initial application.


Does this program guarantee a teaching spot at Mastermind?

We can’t guarantee employment with Mastermind following your completion of the certification. However, following your certification there may be an opportunity to audition with us and/or to teach a free Mastermind Community Class, which is a wonderful opportunity to gain real teaching experience. 


Are Mastermind classes included as part of my tuition?

Tuition includes lifetime access to the Certification training modules and the growing Mastermind Membership library—with 175+ meditations and more—via the new desktop and mobile app.


Do you offer tuition refunds?

Because of the considerable one-on-one attention offered through the interview and enrollment process, Mastermind does not offer refunds on Certification tuition.


Do you offer Continuing Education credits for this training?

We offer 45 APA-approved CEs for mental health professionals through Clover Education. Participants wishing to receive CEs will pay Mastermind an additional $100 to receive the credits, and will receive their CEs following certification completion.