Mindfulness for Brain Health.

Does your mental wellness journey need a jumpstart?


Find your spark in Mastermind’s evidence-based on-demand course! You’ll benefit from three modules of expert-led teachings, including All About Mindfulness, the Neuroscience Behind the Practice, and Solidifying Your Daily Mindful Habit.


This evidence-based course is even paired with a complementary meditation library to support your learning and growth. The 10+ practices have themes like reducing stress and anxiety and cultivating a positive mindset. Then, after you digest and enjoy the course material, you can even take a brief assessment to receive a customized Certificate of Completion!


Invest in yourself, and your brain health, by enrolling now (lifetime access included!).

Your Guide

Dorsey Standish is the CEO of Mastermind, a Dallas-based mental wellness firm. Dorsey is a mechanical engineer, neuroscientist, and wellness expert who brings evidence-based mindfulness and emotional intelligence to clients worldwide. Dorsey has led science-based mental wellness programs for hundreds of companies, including Staples, Toyota, and AMN Healthcare. Dorsey holds a master’s degree in Cognitive Neuroscience from University of Texas at Dallas and a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. Dorsey’s teachings draw on her training as a teacher of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction through Brown University and deep experience on regular 7-day silent meditation retreats studying with our region’s top teachers.

If you've been curious about mindfulness and meditation or want to deepen your practice, I highly recommend Mastermind’s classes as approachable, informative ways to learn, practice, and implement mindfulness in daily life.

Kara Geiger's Headshot

Kara Geiger

Senior Business Development Associate, GLG

Your facilitation of mindful meditation was transformative for me.

Alison Rison's Headshot

Alison Rison

Director of Literacy, Terrell ISD

I practice mindfulness with Mastermind to learn new ways to relax and be present, and to become more curious and creative.

Laura Gordon's Headshot

Laura Gordon

, Former Vice President, Marketing & Brand Innovation, 7-Eleven


What's Included

  • Three modules of expert-led mindfulness training, including All About Mindfulness & Meditation, the Neuroscience of Mindfulness, and Implementing a Regular Practice
  • An accompanying mindful meditation library with a selection of evidence-based guided practices to jumpstart your brain health journey
  • Comprehensive 20+-page workbook to support your learning and development, including basic mindfulness exercises, in-depth neuroscience learning, and journaling prompts
  • Lifetime access to course content, including expert-led modules and guided meditations
  • A personalized Certificate of Completion recognizing you as having taken Mindfulness for Brain Health (Provided after you complete all contents and submit a course assessment)


Your Investment: $97