Join the Mastermind Team

Mastermind is a mental wellness firm founded in 2016 to bring science-based brain training techniques to organizations nationwide, including Toyota, Staples, United Way, and Dallas Independent School District. We believe that if you change your thoughts, you can change your world. Our empirically supported teachings harness the power of mindfulness and emotional intelligence to transform lives and organizations.

We’re Hiring! We’re always looking for gifted facilitators to share science-based mindfulness and emotional intelligence teachings and practices with our audiences. We are also open to hiring part-time or full-time team members with expertise in business development, marketing, and/or administrative assistance.
Benefits of Joining the Team: 
Mastermind offers competitive compensation for facilitators and team members, as well as unparalleled professional development opportunities, including:
•  Access to the Mastermind Graduate Community, which includes weekly mindfulness class opportunities, monthly professional development gatherings, and the Mastermind Membership, a custom library of evidence-based mindfulness and emotional intelligence classes accessible 24/7
•  Expert mentorship from the Mastermind leadership team
•  Company retreats and personal development opportunities
Requirements & Expectations for Mastermind Facilitators 
We require that applicants for the Facilitator role have completed Mastermind’s 60-Hour Neuroscience-Based Mindfulness Facilitator Certification, or a similar program approved by Mastermind. (Note: If the applicant has not completed Mastermind’s Certification and is not trained in neuroscience or coming from a science background, they may be asked to enroll in Mastermind’s training with consideration for a partial or full scholarship.) Mastermind Facilitators are also expected to adhere to the following guidelines:
•  Maintain a personal practice: Complete daily or twice-daily formal practices for at least 20+ minutes total.
•  Follow and engage in practices led by other mindfulness teachers, including mentors outside of Mastermind.
•  Stay up-to-date with advances in the practice of mindfulness and related neuroscience discoveries and principles that support the practice.
•  Maintain an active role in seeking to further develop facilitation skills by teaching additional classes outside of Mastermind and/or enrolling in supplemental trainings of relevance and interest.

Facilitator & Team Member Application Process 

  1. Application: To be considered for a position on the Mastermind team, please submit the following to [email protected]:
    1. A resume or curriculum vitae
    2. Two personal/professional references
    3. General schedule/availability for facilitating and/or working
    4. A personal statement with answers to the following prompts:
      • •  Please describe your wellness background, including any training completed, teachers you follow, etc.
      • •  Please describe your current mindfulness & meditation daily practice.
      • •  Why do you want to be part of the Mastermind team?
      • •  What topics within wellness are you especially drawn to teach and share with others? How do these topics resonate with your life experience and training thus far?
  2. Interview: After receiving the application, the Mastermind leadership team will acknowledge your application, and, if it seems like a good fit, they will reach out to schedule an initial 30-minute virtual interview with you.
  3. Audition: Applicants for the Facilitator position will then offer an (unpaid) in-person or virtual 30-minute mindfulness class for Mastermind leadership and other Mastermind team members. This audition can be completed as part of an existing class you teach at a local meditation studio or in an online community, or it can be a standalone class created for the purposes of auditioning.
  4. Decision: Applicant will be notified within a week of interview and/or audition whether they are accepted into Mastermind’s training team.