Neuroscience-Based Stress Management

Did you know that everyday occurrences like sitting in traffic, lack of sleep, and poor nutrition can spike stress levels, impair cognition, contribute to disease, and negatively impact brain health and longevity?

There’s no doubt that how we care for our brains – daily habits like diet, exercise, mindset and lifestyle – have a direct impact on our wellness and our body’s super-processor – the brain.
 Many of these habits can contribute to chronic stress, which breaks down key systems in our bodies and may lead to serious chronic health conditions, mental health issues and impact longevity.

That’s why we’ve created Neuroscience-Based Stress Management (NBSM). NBSM is a lifestyle approach that uses the most relevant and up-to-date brain health research along with simple strategies and practices to help you better understand and optimize your brain health, manage and reduce short-term and chronic stress, and create a lifestyle that promotes wellness and longevity.

6-Week Introduction to Neuroscience-Based Stress Management Program

 Week 1: Mastering Stress Management

•  Week 2: Sleep Science & Restoration  

 Week 3: Nourish Your Brain Through Nutrition

•  Week 4: Movement for Brain Vitality

 Week 5: The Power of Social Connection

 Week 6: Cultivating Mental Fitness

What's Included

  • 6 expert-led workshops, including modules on Stress Management, Sleep, Nutrition, Movement, Social Connection, and Mental Fitness
  • Accompanying stress management practices for each module to support your wellness journey 24/7
  • A personalized Certificate of Completion recognizing you as having taken Intro to Neuroscience-Based Stress Management
  • Lifetime access to course content, including expert-led live session recordings

Total Value: $997

Your Investment: $147


Neuroscience-Based Stress Management Founders & Guides

Jennifer Ventrelle MS, RDN

Jennifer is the author of the new book 
The Official Mind Diet. She integrates 20 years of experience in nutrition, physical activity, and mind-based interventions to help clients build healthy lifestyle habits. She is a registered dietitian nutritionist certified in adult weight management, a certified personal trainer, and qualified through the UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness to teach Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. Jennifer serves as Assistant Professor at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, directing intervention research on the MIND diet, the first dietary pattern shown to be associated with slowed cognitive decline and delayed onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

Dorsey Standish, MS, Mastermind CEO

Dorsey is a mechanical engineer, neuroscientist, and wellness expert who brings evidence-based mindfulness and emotional intelligence to clients worldwide through her company Mastermind. Dorsey has led science-based wellness programs for hundreds of companies, including Staples, Toyota, and American Airlines. Her personal mission is to help Type A people like herself slow down, destress, and optimize their performance through research-backed brain health training.  While Dorsey has studied with meditation masters, she believes that her best mindfulness teachers are her beautiful wife and two young sons.

Neuroscience-Based Stress Management will help you... 


 Reduce stress 


 Cultivate compassion


 Grow emotional intelligence


 Increase focus 


 Find work-life balance


 Access resilient well-being