Neuroscience-Based Stress Management

Did you know that everyday occurrences like sitting in traffic, lack of sleep, and poor nutrition can spike stress levels, impair cognition, contribute to disease, and negatively impact brain health and longevity?

There’s no doubt that how we care for our brains – daily habits like diet, exercise, mindset and lifestyle – have a direct impact on our wellness and our body’s super-processor – the brain.
 Many of these habits can contribute to chronic stress, which breaks down key systems in our bodies and may lead to serious chronic health conditions, mental health issues and impact longevity.

That’s why we’ve created Neuroscience-Based Stress Management (NBSM). NBSM is a lifestyle approach that uses the most relevant and up-to-date brain health research along with simple strategies and practices to help you better understand and optimize your brain health, manage and reduce short-term and chronic stress, and create a lifestyle that promotes wellness and longevity.

"Every day brings a choice:
to practice stress or to practice peace."

- Joan Borysenko

6-Week Introduction to Neuroscience-Based Stress Management Program

Introducing Intro to NBSM: a transformative journey designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools to enhance your brain health and conquer stress. In this comprehensive program, we will explore learning and practices to strengthen the six essential pillars of brain health – Stress Management, Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, Social Connection, and Mental Fitness – in order to guide you toward a balanced and resilient state of being.

Week 1: Mastering Stress Management

  • Stress reactivity cycle
  • Mindful stress reduction
  • Neuroscience of habit formation


Week 2: Sleep Science and Restoration

  • Your brain on sleep
  • Circadian rhythm regulation
  • Daytime and nighttime rituals to optimize energy


Week 3: Nourish Your Brain Through Nutrition

  • Eating for brain health
  • MIND Diet principles & meal ideas
  • Mindful eating practice


Week 4: Movement for Brain Vitality 

  • Movement for optimal cognition
  • Creating a brain-healthy exercise routine
  • Mindful movement practices like qigong, yoga, and walking


Week 5: The Power of Social Connection

  • Unlocking the social brain
  • Mindful communication for enhancing relationships
  • Cultivating compassion for stronger connections


Week 6: Cultivating Mental Fitness

  • Self-compassion for resilience
  • Meditation for memory and focus
  • Adopting a growth mindset for continuing your wellness journey


Join us on this enlightening journey toward optimal brain health and stress mastery. Our experienced instructors and cutting-edge neuroscience insights will empower you to take charge of your well-being, equipping you with the skills needed to navigate life's challenges with a clear mind, a resilient spirit, and a heart full of vitality.

Neuroscience-Based Stress Management will help you... 


 Reduce stress 


 Cultivate compassion


 Grow emotional intelligence

 Increase focus 


 Find work-life balance


 Access resilient well-being

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What's Included

  • Six live expert-led sessions, including modules on Stress Management, Sleep, Nutrition, Movement, Social Connection, and Mental Fitness
  • Accompanying stress management practices for each module to support your wellness journey 24/7
  • Evidence-based pre- and post-assessments to measure your progress 
  • A personalized Certificate of Completion recognizing you as having taken Intro to Neuroscience-Based Stress Management
  • Lifetime access to course content, including expert-led live session recordings and guided meditations

Your brain is your most precious asset – invest in its health and watch as your entire life transforms.

 Schedule & Investment

  • One-hour virtual sessions once per week for six weeks
  • Live sessions will take place on Wednesdays at 8am Central Time from October 4 through November 8
  • All sessions will be recorded and accessible to watch or rewatch asynchronously

All price options are discounted to celebrate the inaugural offering of Intro to NBSM. Prices will continue to increase for subsequent cohorts.

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