brain health training for mental resilience

Neuroscience-based wellness training for stress management & resilience.

Looking to uplevel your resilience, mindfulness, and brain health?

We have every level of course offering for you, from our most popular foundational Mindfulness for Brain Health course to our brand new Neuroscience-Based Stress Management introduction to our curated Mindfulness Facilitator Certification journey.

Our courses are unique in that they're backed by the latest neuroscience research, immediately actionable, and taught by expert speakers and facilitators with advanced degrees and wellness certifications.

Our innovative Mastermind methodology employs story-telling, neuroscience learning, and experiential mindfulness-based wellness exercises to harness the power of your heart, mind, and body. Jumpstart or strengthen your commitment to wellness with our popular Mindfulness for Brain Health course or our brand new Neuroscience-Based Stress Management  journey.

Mindfulness for Brain Health

A comprehensive on-demand course with an introduction to Mastermind's mindfulness methodology, an overview of the neuroscience of mindfulness, and keys to start and deepen your daily practice. This evidence-based course contains guided meditations to support your learning and growth. After you digest and enjoy the material, you can reflect on what you've learned and earn a Certificate of Completion.

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Neuroscience-Based Stress Management (NBSM)

Neuroscience-Based Stress Management (NBSM) is a lifestyle approach that uses the most relevant and up-to-date brain health research along with simple strategies and practices to help you better understand and optimize your brain health, manage and reduce short-term and chronic stress, and create a lifestyle that promotes wellness and longevity. This comprehensive program strengthens the six essential pillars of brain health – Stress Management, Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, Social Connection, and Mental Fitness – in order to guide you toward a balanced and resilient state of being.

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Neuroscience-Based Mindfulness Facilitator Certification

Deepen your personal practice, learn the neuroscience of mindfulness, and get certified to share science-based mindfulness through Mastermind's live online Mindfulness Facilitator Certification Program led by Dorsey Standish, MS, mindfulness psychologist Dr. Marty Lumpkin and other senior facilitators. Mastermind’s training & certification will give you the education and practical experience to deepen your own practice and share mindfulness with others effectively and authentically.

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