Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Policy


Mastermind is dedicated to integrating mindfulness, authenticity, and sustainability into every aspect of our business. As a small, woman- and LGBT-owned company, we strive to be a living example of our core values: Growth, Compassion, DE&I, Excellence and Leading By Example. These principles guide our commitments to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and ethical governance.


Environmental Commitment

Our environmental initiatives are tailored to our digital operational model and personal behaviors:

• Digital Efficiency: Implement energy-saving measures across our digital operations and choose sustainable digital services.

• Remote Operations: Continue to support a remote and flexible work environment, reducing commuting and office resource consumption.

• Sustainable Practices: Adopt and promote practices that reduce waste and encourage recycling and efficiency in our virtual and physical operations.


Social Responsibility

Our commitment to social responsibility reflects our core values and the diverse nature of our team:

• Diversity and Inclusion: Prioritize inclusivity and equality as a woman- and LGBT-owned business, ensuring diverse perspectives are valued and represented in our team members and clients.

• Contractor Well-being: Ensure fair treatment and meaningful opportunities for all contractors, fostering a supportive and respectful working environment.

• Engagement in Community Well-being: Actively support and participate in initiatives that promote wellness and equality both online and locally.



We uphold rigorous standards of conduct, which are foundational to our operations:

• Ethical Practices: Conduct all business according to the highest ethical and legal standards.

• Accountability: Maintain accountability in decision-making, ensuring actions are aligned with our values and transparent to all team members.


Implementation, Monitoring and Reporting

We are committed to actively managing and improving our ESG efforts:

• Continuous Improvement: Regularly review and adapt our ESG strategies based on direct feedback from our team and the effectiveness of our initiatives.

• Internal Reporting: Provide an annual internal review of our ESG actions and progress to team members and contractors, focusing on transparency and continuous improvement without the obligation for public disclosure.


Thank You

Thank you to our clients and team members for their support of our ESG policy, as we grow a happier, healthier, more compassionate world together.